Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Old man winter has his day

Winter is passing quickly and I all I seem to do is work and wish I was doing other things. I managed to squeeze in another Habs game with Brenna this time. Last minute deal on . Use this site the day before a game you want to go to, it's secure and you can't get screwed on tickets. The day before the game, people lower their prices pretty good. I got 118 level seats at the Bell Centre for $150 a peice. Not bad at all! AND, the Habs won 7-3. Lars eller got 4 goals, his fourth being a spin-o-ramo penatly shot. I couldn't have choosen a better game to see! The guy sitting behind me and a girl sitting down lower had their SLR's confiscated (until the game was over), so I got lucky to even get a few shots. Trade rumours of PK Subban are floating around now. They have stunted his growth and in return he hasn't been himself, coughing the puck up regularly. Too bad, he'll be great somewhere else. I Pretty much bought a new bmx and hopefully can have it painted and built up soon. My old one (minus the wheels) will be for sale, for cheap. Tremblant is soon. Get ready. We'll have lots of photos to share after that. I am praying to snowboard soon, if it would only stop raining on my days off. I'll get some real photos up soon. Stay tuned.
so much potential

these guys were nuts, doing donuts and almost hitting each other, whilst shooting t-shirts into the crowd

our view from our seats

a quick x-mas shot of me and one of my nephews playing a spin top game. I actually won!

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