Friday, 11 November 2011

hard drive randomness

Here is an assortment of random photos from the 'ol hard drive. I have to mention Papanack zoo. It's located near Plantaganet on highway 17. It's seriously the best zoo I have been to. They pride themselves on donations and animal rescues. The place is really inexpensive, never crowded and has the best animal lineup. At one point they had the only wolverine in captivity as far as I know. They had to put titanium fencing like 8ft underground, otherwise he could potentially escape. They seriously have it all. And they have a great daily itinerary for the animal feeding. DO go to this place. Don't be stupid. Get off your stupid phone or facebook for a few hours and go there next spring. Right after the snow melts, the animals are very lively as it is not too hot. The animals here are visible and well looked after. This place makes the Toronto Metropolitan zoo look like a war camp from WW2. PLUS, you don't have to walk 8km's to see all the great stuff. BEST ZOO around by far. Anyways, lots more on the hard drive to come. These were all shot with Canon 40D. Speaking World Wars, wear a poppy at least today. It's the least you can do for the freedom you have. Thanks vets; I wouldn't exist without you!
How close have you even been to a lion? Did you even see one at the Metropolitan zoo? Doubt it

Here I jump a good 45-50ft into a very dangerous landing. I am pretty sure a guy died here this summer. Photo by Derek
Here I fire one off of Derek zooming by full speed on his YZ250f

This place is a must see

Papanack has several white Siberian tigers. They are all really playful too

not an animal, but close. Jeff showing off his can openers

I took this photo in the Glebe and it got used for a few newspapers. License in a cracker jack box?

cockmaster around his finest length of hair

most people won't get to see a black panther (yes, jaguar) in their lifetime, let alone a zoo. Excuse the fence, but realize how amazing the animal you are looking at is

my in law's Bull Mastiff Lucas. He understands how nice that hat is

locomotive Ben mid stride. Similar to a Wildebeast I guess

a self shot at about4:30am or so. Waiting for Jeff on one of our few pool missions

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