Friday, 16 November 2012


Derek as Two Face
Sorry for the late post on this one. Thanks to everyone who came and dressed up. Some really, really good costumes! The theme was film characters. Unfortunately some people don't even make an appearance on here because I was shooting some pretty out of focus shots that night.

He did an amazing job and won best costume by a few votes

Alice in Wonderland couple. Nathan really got the Mad Hatter spot on!

Little Red Riding Hood and her creepy less half

Cheech and Chong made an appearance

I forget the name from that Hunger Games movie, but her and Pita! Some of you may get the reference

Jorden actually put effort into a costume for once and it was super

Brenna as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and myself as Elliot from ET, with him in the basket

Donna re-applies some lipstick for Nathan

This late in the night my vision wasn't great and some photos were not exactly in focus. Chris as Ace Ventura being attacked by homemade Ninja Turtles!

Black Mamba and the girl from Avatar

This is one of 5 pumpkins Brenna carved

She went all out on decor


Little Miss Sunshine and her VW van

one face?

Wall-E found Eva

Steph did a great Joker

flip cup!

Brenna paper mash'ed ET and painted him up. Did some creative mounting of the head to a body, wrapped him, sprayed the milk crate to movie colour, fixed the hody to movie spec, and mounted the basket to my handlebars, which were harnessed to my body. Way to go Brenna! So creative. Insane!

Black Mamba strikes a pose

Like I said, she went all out, this is only a fraction of her decorations she put. All in the name of fun and creativity.

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