Sunday, 14 October 2012

An afternoon at the Brose Farm

Jay was trying to perfect his no footed cans all afternoon. It's a good shot when you can see the waffle in the sole

I was unable to ride the last Brose Farm jam, but got lucky enough to have Josh have myself and a few others out for a session before it got too cold. Here are a bunch of photos and video edit of the shredding. People went pretty hard for the camera. The video below captures MOST of the best things that went down. On a roll here recently, let's keep it up. Somehow motivated to ride and film while the weather runs out on us. Hey, make sure to watch that video in HD from the vimeo page too! Click for more pics and video link!

Crazy Steve flips mid train while Josh 360 right after

this kid Corey was shredding on his MTB all day

he skipped school and pedalled 30km's from Pembroke to ride

Norco's Ben Kaufmann relaxing

random shot I took the other day that I was really happy with

Ben gives us his best Doyle

Josh 360 xup

Ben recently figured out 3 tables a lot better than he used to

so we shot a few angles
Josh helps me set the lighting and focus

and then does a perfect 360 tire grab

Steve was on, until he ran over his calf, cutting his session short

it wasn't long ago that Steve learned barspins. Throwing them on sizeable jumps is quite the feat

Ben lets loose with a super whip

Ben does his best Mad Mike Jones impression (if anyone remembers old school freestyle motocross? this was his signature trick before guys got good at cliffhangers and crap)

Ben gets it right. I almost always cut Ben's feet off on superman photos because he is too damn tall and goes too damn high and stretches them too damn far. Not hanging off your nuts buddy, but we are shooting fisheye from now on.

Jay tosses'em

Jay flipped the last set all day
Jay was also working on his 3 tables and this one turned out pretty nice!

at first I thought to myself that Corey should ride bmx. Then he moto'd around all day and I realized he should just ride motocross instead

Another shot of Josh in a 360 tire grab.  Love that trick
Chris gets the final photo with a turndown. Clicked as always. Check for waffle placement. Good to go

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