Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Just another update

Winter is awful. It's unstoppable. So I am trying to embrace it. These photos make me miss summer, but get me really excited for this winter. This year promises to be the best already. I'll make sure we have lots of photo/video on the hills and stuff. Start organizing the road trips. It's on.
get ready for Tremblant, photo by Ray of moi

the go pro takes really great fisheye photos


most of the family out on the paddle boat

Brenna and Canyon


uncle Rich with some of the rugrats

Jorden participating in a game of washers this summer

photo from said party

deer are everywhere near Tremblant. I shot this on the fly

here I try to teach Mr. Plumpy to swim. photo by Brenna. He looks a bit stressed

uncle Rich sending one for the rugrats

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  1. get a trampoline for your house. and a pool.... maybe one of those billy madison style pools thats super big so we can ride jetskis in it...

    I'm sure you can find all of the above on kijiji for dirt cheap.