Monday, 19 December 2011

the Holidays can start now!

We had a house party and now the Holidays can feel free to start. I am allowing it. About 25-26 people showed up to Casselman and seemed to have fun celebrating the kickoff to the season. I had a blast and the food was great. It was so awesome to have so many people together and have such a good time, despite the Habs losing to the Devils. Thanks to everyone for showing up and being awesome guests! I love house parties! And I love pictionary (when the guys don't cheat)! How do you cheat in pictionary you ask?
Brandon brought some pass around electronic game that invoked this reaction from Jay and Nick

this is Jordan MacKinnon's face of death after his shot of Jack's. I think Brenna is pointing out his weakness

being a man about it

the elusive and shifty eyed Craig Robinson, co owner of "the Spot" bike/board shop in Mtl

here Craig actually celebrates a line with camera man Jorden. Craig rarely likes to film

for the life of me I can't remember this kid's name. David? Joel? Help me people

the nac nac at height. Felt like a vert contest from '97 on the deck here

our first real Christmas tree together!

I couldn't squeeze everyone into the photo, but here the majority if the gang is seen playing pictionary

when your boyfriend is too pussy to do shots, you do them with his friends! Ben and Brenna get it done

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