Thursday, 4 December 2014

adventure man!

this buds for you turtle
Some more random photos. Some of last winter, some from the summer. Winter is officially here and it sucks. But here is a great shot of Josh last summer from the Jam. Jeff photo bombs the moment. Have fun in Australia Josh!

Chit recently gave me his old drone, let the fun begin

peddle boat at the cottage

proof for any of the doubters from Spain. Notice I am completely dry too

we're on a boat!

bloody pikey. I shouldn't have cut my hair

my Habs getting beat up by the Sens again

Dale Weisse

handstand flippy thing

I can't get enough of this guy

Canyon photo bombs a family photo

this is pretty serious

not so much

I forgot I even shot this nice photo

winter fun day is interrupted by some assholes

Lucas (RIP) and Canyon makes sure to make sledding difficult for everyone

winter f*ck yeah day!

let the madness begin. Have some fun in the snow if you can

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